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What can’t recruiters give me some darn feedback?!

I don’t hide the fact that I am unemployed at the moment; in fact it’s something that I talk about a lot to my friends and family. But it’s not, by any means, an enjoyable experience and there are one or two things that really get on my nerves about the whole recruitments process.

One of the biggest things is the lack of response from 95% of jobs that you apply for. Ok, I know that some job ads get a lot of applications but and it would be time consuming to give really detailed feedback as to why I wasn’t hired, but it seems fairly crap to not even let you know that you haven’t got the job.

I mean, I’ve taken the time and effort to apply for your vacancy so surely it’s just common courtesy to do the same by giving me some sort of reply rather than just a complete blank.

I really do think that the whole world of recruitment could learn a lesson here. If you want people to spend a good amount of time providing customised applications with unique cover letters for each job they apply for, then put a little bit of effort back into them by providing feedback of some description.

It doesn’t help that most of the positions being advertised by the Job Centre are low paid where multiple applicants would be suitable. How do you say to someone “you were perfect for the job, but then so was someone else” without them taking it personally?

What’s more annoying is when you get down to the interview stage and you still don’t get feedback. Seriously now; I’ve met with someone, spoken with them for a length of time and formed a connection, no matter how slight, and yet they don’t think it is necessary to email me a few days later to let me know where I went wrong or why they chose someone else over me?

Yes, they might have done their job and found the perfect person for a vacancy within their organisation, but isn’t there a bigger responsibility to the wellbeing of all?

I don’t know, maybe I’m just being bitter because of the number of rejections I have suffered but it seems to me that the process needs refining.

Maybe there’s even a gap there for some sort of recruitment service where you are guaranteed to get feedback no matter what. Of course there are recruitment agencies and consultants who already do this but what about a website that encourages the improvement of all jobseekers who use it? It could even be a system that encourages people to only apply for a job when they truly believe they are suitable – people could be rewarded when they do this and reprimanded when they take the shotgun approach (which doesn’t help anybody). Surely this would cut the time down on behalf of the recruiter as they wouldn’t have to sift through so many candidates each time.

So if you are ever involved in the process of hiring someone for a job, please please please take the time to give feedback to the people who apply. A simple gesture will mean so much to them, I know it would to me.

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